AMRRP members benefit from a comprehensive network of Risk Management solutions designed to seamlessly integrate into the daily operation of each organization.

AMRRP’s Risk Management Committee volunteers brainstorm and plan creative, cost-effective ways to provide resources to Members. Through this Committee, Members attend regional Risk Management Roundtables to discuss programs, current issues, and share best practices among municipal government peers. The Law Enforcement Assistance Program’s Roundtables emphasize police liability issues and continuing education.

Senior Risk Management Consultants are available to provide individual and group training, on-site or remote, free of charge to Members.

AMRRP Risk Management
An array of Risk Management programs are available to AMRRP Members on a complimentary or preferred pricing basis. View our Member Benefits.
Best Practices

Best Practices 15 Passenger Vans
15 Passenger Vans
Defensive Driving
Defensive Driving
Best Practice Distracted Drivers
Distracted Drivers
Best Practice Safety Committees
Safety Committees
Best Safety Practices Culture
Safety Culture
Safety Incentive Programs
Safety Incentive Programs
Best Practice Safety Policy Statements
Safety Policy Statements
Best Practice Self Inspections
Self Inspections
Best Practice Volunteers
Best Practice Auto Fleet Telematics
Auto Fleet Telemetrics
Avoiding Sexual Harassment
Avoiding Sexual Harassment Claims
Firefighter Best Practices
Firefighter Best Practices
Best Practices Hygiene Consultants
Hygiene Consultants
Keys To Effective Safety Committee
Keys To An Effective Safety Committee
Managing Univ Waste Lamps
Managing Universal Waste Lamps
Preventing Backing Accidents
Preventing Backing Accidents
Best Practices Safety Training
Safety Training
Spotlight on Safety The eyes Have It
Spotlight On Safety
Driver Selection
Non-Owned and Hired Autos
COVID-19 Exposure Reporting
Trail Safety

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