Property and Casualty
claim reporting

Online forms are available to Members for reporting Auto or Property Damage directly to AMRRP. 

Windshield damage reporting

Windshield Damage Reports may be submitted using AMRRP’s online form.

Workers’ Compensation
claim reporting

Triage Now is AMRRP’s 24/7 claim reporting solution for employees experiencing injuries while at work for our Member municipalities.  Triage Now nurses recommend level of care, and immediately process a First Report of Injury to the Member and AMRRP. 

TriageNow Program

Members awaiting Triage Now implementation may submit the Employer Report of Injury Form to AMRRP using the reporting options below.

Members may report all other claims using the reporting options below.

New Claim Document Submission

Members may submit new claims using AMRRP’s safe and secure upload portal.
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