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LEAP Event

Law enforcement agencies throughout the nation are in the spotlight – facing significant media, training, and operational challenges.  The Arizona Counties Insurance Pool (ACIP) joined AMRRP’s Law Enforcement Assistance Program to provide Members with a Qualified Immunity and Use of Force discussion because they believe challenging times also present an opportunity to communicate, push forward, and improve.

With these goals in mind, the lawyers who advise and represent these organizations took the opportunity to share the issues and challenges they face now, and see on the horizon, in defending Arizona’s law enforcement agencies and departments. Their  Virtual Events held the week of July 14th were aimed at preparing Police Chiefs, Sheriffs, and their training supervisors for what lies ahead in the legal landscape of law enforcement, including:

  • What does a world without qualified immunity looks like – and what can we do to keep the defense;
  • Policy considerations concerning use of force and restraint – choke holds, controlling with weight and pressure, and positional asphyxiation;
  • What plaintiffs’ experts are focusing on;
  • Getting ahead of the training curve;
  • Filming and First Amendment Audits
  • The importance of creating a positive culture from the top down;
  • The future of accreditation

To learn about AMRRP’s partnership with the Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police (AACOP) for effective, affordable Member Police Department credentialing opportunities, please review our brochure.

July’s Virtual Events were well-attended by a variety of agencies from Arizona, and suggested actionable solutions for Member Police Departments. Please watch for future AMRRP Law Enforcement Assistance Program events here.

LEAP’s Qualified Immunity and Use of Force discussion was provided by:

Michele Molinario A partner in the Phoenix law firm of Jones, Skelton, & Hochuli. Michele has dedicated her professional career to defending public entities and their employees, including police officers, detention officers, and emergency responders. Michele has litigated numerous government cases in federal court and is a regular speaker on police liability matters, including constitutional liability.


Jim Jellison Managing attorney for Jellison Law Offices providing police legal advice, training, and litigation services in the areas of law enforcement liability, constitutional law, and general government liability. Routinely litigating cases in the federal courts, Jim has experience handling a variety of constitutional cases in defense of governmental entities, their agencies, and departments.

Please watch for future AMRRP Law Enforcement Assistance Program events here.

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