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​​​Every day, the training needs in cities and towns can shift on the basis of current activities.  Today you need OSHA training for your public works staff.  Tomorrow you want to conduct sexual harassment prevention training for all employees.  Your police officers need a refresher on injury prevention so they can stay safe and on-the-job. 

Training helps staff become more effective or efficient, keeps employees safe, and helps focus everyone on the most important aspects of your city or town operations.  There's another benefit to training -- avoiding costly workers' compensation claims or liability lawsuits.  Your city or town training needs go hand-in-hand with AMRRP's core mission.

​AMRRP offers a wide variety of training options and opportunities carefully designed to meet the needs of Arizona's municipalities while driving toward one, specific outcome -- avoiding claims and associated costs so that cities and towns can keep focused on what they do best.

AMRRP runs training programs ranging from singular city or town focus to regional and statewide programs, delivered in person or via web-conferencing.  All AMRRP training is delivered in the context of municipal operations, tailored to meet city- and town-specific needs. 

Check our calendar of events for upcoming training opportunities, call or email us to set up a unique training event in your city or town.  For any training needs or questions, contact Ed Bantel at (602) 368-6618 or  [email protected].​

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