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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Best Practices

Avoiding Sexual Harassment Claims

Preventing Backing Accidents

​Fleet Telematics​​

Firefighter Best Practices


15-Passenger Vans


Safety Culture

Safety Program Evaluations

Safety Incentive Programs

Safety Policy Statements

Safety Committees

Safety Training

Distracted Driving

Defensive Driving​​

Preventing Vehicle Backing Accidents

Accident Investigations
Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Management

​​​Employee Safety​

Industrial Hygiene Labs & Consultant Firms
Spotlight on Safety: The "Eyes" Have It

Officer Tactics Training: Guidelines for Safety

Stress Management Preparedness

Foot Pursuits

Recognizing & Preventing Workplace Violence

Dogs: Tips for a Safe Encounter

Six Keys to an Effective Safety Committee

Managing Universal Waste Lamps

Current Issues in Law Enforcement

Supreme Court Rules on Disputed Searches
Justices Affirm Need for Warrant to Draw Blood

Voluntary Consent of Minors

"Hiders" Exposed

LAPD Mediation Program

Supreme Court Decision: Police Search Powers

Technology and Police Searches: Constitutionality

Study: Misconduct by Experienced Officers 

War on Prescription Drug Crimes

Coverage FAQs

Work Comp 101: Intergovernmental Agreements
Arizona Workers' Compensation Death Benefits

Commuting to Work: Are Employees Covered? 

Workers' Compensation Benefits for Loss of Teeth

 Compliance Materials

Departments of Transportation, Justice Joint Bulletin

Workers' Compensation Law

Poster: Work Exposure to Bodily Fluids

Poster: Work Exposure to MRSA

Incident Reporting Form: Work Exposure to Bodily Fluids

Oil Storage Regulations: Are You Compliant?

Reducing Municipal Loss Costs

Study: Paid Sick Leave May Reduce Workplace Injuries

What Factors Affect My Premium?

Using Loss Profiling to Control Costs

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