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AMRRP Law Enforcement Assistance Program Announces its own App

Contributed by Jim Jellison, Jellison Law
Many medium to large law enforcement agencies have their own police legal advisor. These highly qualified, educated, and experienced attorneys are available to guide their agencies through legal and operational decisions, large and small. AMRRP recognizes that not every Member Law Enforcement Agency has the resources to hire a dedicated police legal advisor.
That’s one of the reasons AMRRP has launched its Law Enforcement Assistance Program (LEAP). AMRRP’s LEAP attorney is not only experienced in addressing these same legal and operational issues but has also, based on his representation of our Member Agencies, been accepted as an Associate Member of the Arizona Law Enforcement Legal Advisors Association (ALELAA). Through this connection, LEAP counsel can get your questions answered, and, where necessary, present those more difficult questions to the group of ALELAA police legal advisors through the ALELAA email exchange, or one of the quarterly ALELAA meetings.
This is just one way that AMRRP partners with its Members in support of best police practices, and Officer and Citizen safety. While this service is not meant to substitute for the advice of your City or Town Attorney, your own dedicated police legal advisor, or the advice of the County Attorneys’ Offices on criminal case matters, AMRRP is committed to providing service with the belief that no AMRRP Member should have an important law enforcement question that goes unanswered.

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