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Avoiding municipal employee injuries is the right thing to do for many reasons.  You want your work force whole and healthy.  You want to manage your city or town budget and the influence of medical care costs, so you can focus limited dollars on the best possible services for your citizens.  AMRRP shares your interests - let's keep employees on the job, healthy, and working for the good of all our communities.

AMRRP's workers' compensation coverage gives cities and towns peace-of-mind knowing all employer obligations for coverage are met.  More importantly, AMRRP's coverage and loss control structure is tailored specifically to municipal operations.  This means we can help you return employees back to work as quickly as possible after an injury, navigate costly work comp medical care, and undertake other efforts to control costs in your city or town. 

Work comp costs can be a major factor in municipal budgets, driven primarily by the same sorts of cost inflation cities and towns face in offering medical benefits to employees.  The AMRRP work comp team is available to assist you. If you have questions or concerns about a claim, contact Anthony Acosta at (602) 368-6606 or [email protected]; for questions regarding your policy, contact Ed Bantel at (602) 368-6618 or [email protected].​

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