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‚ÄčTenant User Liability Insurance Protection (TULIP) is one-of-a-kind coverage offered through AMRRP to protect your city or town when municipal property is used by a private group.  The purpose of TULIP is to protect the city or town from liability resulting from things like wedding receptions, craft fairs, scouting events, or other gatherings not directly held by the city or town.

Under TULIP, the "tenant" (whomever is making use of the city or town facility) can secure up to $1 million in liability event insurance.  The tenant pays a modest premium based upon the event type, number of people, level of risk, length of the event, and any special requirements. Tenants sign up for coverage and make premium payments online, and your city or town is automatically listed as an additional insured. 

TULIP is unique because it offers your city or town important liability protection and it benefits the groups using municipal facilities, as well.  Your citizens and your city or town are protected.  

To find out how your tenants can secure TULIP coverage, contact Ed Bantel at (602) 368-6618 or [email protected].

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